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Scammer on Dating site

September 12, 2010 1 comment

**********Following is a story of SCAM *******  SCAM  SCAM SCAM

Ok… We met on OK cupid. He said his name is Patrick Johnson, a window, YM He said his mom is american and dad was English, both politicians in UK. He is computer engineer. The story was that… We chatted over a week then he think he fell in love with me. One day he said he was about to come HK on the weekend and stay for 2 weeks, ASKED to take care of HIS accommodation. I wondered what TAKE CARE he meant? ” is he asking me to PAY for his 2 weeks hotel?’ Then I told him I couldn’t afford that AND You would get better deal when YOU book with the flight together I BELIEVE’.  That evening, when I was in the school, he called me few times, and left me offline messages saying his mom GOT SHOT and been transferred back to her own town in the states, and he had to fly back to the states from UK to look after her and would come HK after this. I thought oh what was that… his mom got shot? his wife died, his dad died …..what was going on with his family?  Then he explained his mom was politician in UK and GOT A CONTRACT FROM GOVT which worth a BIG money. how old is she? SHE IS 69. HMMMM she must be a very important woman then , aged 69 and GOVT STILL WANTED her to do thingsssssssss for them and pay alot? I thought… who is she?

Patrick called again when I was on my way home after class. He said he was on the way to airport and he sent a parcel with gifts for me? He did mention that he bought me chocolates, clothes, jewelry. He gave me with tracking number. He asked me few time to check it out. Then I checked out.. WOW  it said on the site  He sent  a box sized 12 x4, weighted 35kg.  DID he put a stone in such small box?  EVEN it was a huge diamond, It wouldn’t weight that heavy.

The next day, I asked him what actually he put in the box. He said he put 10K pounds cash and 6k traveler checks inside. I must keep them till he comes. I said ok…. WHY did u send lot of cash? He said I wanted to have good time and get me a nicer residential apartment.  HMMM 10K wouldn’t be enough for that , I thought.

Few days after, I got a distance call, number showed from Malaysia. The guy claimed He was the officer of that courier company In Malaysia. He said the parcel is holding by Malaysian custom as they detected CASH inside and asked me  to pay charges which is equal to $500 USD.  Then I said please call the sender then. He said they couldn’t reach him.  ** I just called the sender and his phone was ON. **  then few calls back and forth, that Malay guy and Patrick keep push me to settle it. But I kept asking for official proofs of it. I asked to email me the custom document and payment method. What the Malay guy sent me was a SMS with his name and the country name. Then he called back asked me send money via Western Union. Hence just his name and place is enough. Of course I wouldn’t. Patrick kept pushing. I said I don’t have the money. AND YOU COULD SEND MONEY ONLINE WITH WESTERN UNION ANYWAY. IF YOU REALLY SO CONCERN AND WORRY ABOUT YOUR 10K CASH IN THE BOX.

Anyway, since I have searched that courier company website, on yahoo and google, it has been blacklisted as 419 SCAM.

All I want to say is many dating site are fully of scammers. I really don’t know if I would be lucky enough to get a real person at all .. geeeeeeeeeeee  I did saw Patrick on cam a few SHORT time. Then he said he dropped his cam and broke it. WEll Usually scammers are FULL OF DRAMA.

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Day 3, 2010: Making a decision is better than no decision

I cleaned my place  today, cancelled the yoga class as not feeling too well… Dave called cancelled the dinner …

I read a bit more today. Learned how we should solve problems: information-> decision->action-> results. Making a decision is better than no decision and always look for results. Sounds so what men like operate. But the writers are men anyway. Always  better to get things done than moaning the problems.

Today, I received emails from Shan. I met him o Facebook 9 months ago. I felt in him but then we didn’t talk at all. And that was how we didn’t continue. And we had big fight on msn, I said to him he fool me etc. In fact, I never know when and which bit of his conversation is true. He said he visited HK last month, did a few gigs, sold heaps of cds. He went to my old work place to look for me.. tried to find where i live… but failed.. He said he really wanted to see me.. etc etc. But I don’t know should I believe him or not again.

So what have I done today to improve my life?

I am going to ask myself the same question everynight. I need to keep moving on and make it better! And I blog about it. Even though I haven’t done much today again. But at least I aware it at the end of my day and tell myself to do more tomorrow. 

Ok. Still got to be positive. Here are something I have done today and I think are soemthing improving:

1. I have cleaned my room. And I feel nice and enjoy being here and reading book happily.

2. I am reading the book which helping and encouraging myself to be more, have more and do more. A very informative book I am reading.

3. I am blogging in a possitive way than before. It helps me to be possitive by the way.

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True or False

December 26, 2009 Leave a comment

True or False? It is a question I really want to ask him? What was/ is his intention to me?  We have been chatting since Nov… The Nov we chat almost everyday, beside weekend, off work hours.  The whole month, I didn’t let me view my cam, just blank chatting and building up the relationship. I didn’t doubt anything about him. He was so sincere and sweet. Until lately, until I started checking him with the messenger status detector, until last week, I found him but did not reply me or chose to visible to me. He definitely online and even started chatting with ‘new friend’, which was my another account. He said he was single and no wife… and just back from HK… etc etc.. On Christmas eve, he ‘online’ to me finally. He lied, saying he was unable to connect the internet due to the heavy snow there. But I was so sure he online for last 3 days as he chatting and left messages to his ‘ new friend’. How disappointed and heart breaking. We did not have cyber/ phone sex til a week ago… is it what he want only? I wish I was wiser. I wish I do… But at the bottom of my heart, I still wish he is true to me ..beside those lies..

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Turned out he is a lier

December 23, 2009 Leave a comment

Well, from checking him out from a messenger status detector, obvisly he was online but invisible to me. Then I added him from another ID I have, and we started chatting  grrrrrrrrr!!!! Same thing happened 3 days so far. He actually sent message to my another ID even it was offline. But his wife to be?  He was invisible to her. Oh my God! I thought everything had gone well and lovely.. but I am too nive. I am so nive. How old am I? Still believe such online dating thing? I look him down. Such a coward. He just hide or gave up as I kept chasing him for tel number and etc.  

Well, what am I going to do? Should I pickup myself somewhere? Sad that he couldn’t let me have a nice Christmas this year… My Christmas  and New Year wish is to have a BF and get married soon and have a family.

And I need a job very soon.

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Learn to trust and let go

December 21, 2009 Leave a comment

I am still new learner in relationship even I am not young. I just realized that I have playing too hard in this relationship. Sometimes we should  just let the man be a man and take control. I have been rushing him to save a date, book tickets etc etc.. but I forgot to consider his situation. I never think about if he had the time to discuss these. I should just leave it to him I think. And let him to roll the snow ball when he is ready. Sometimes we women really play too hard and forgot the pride of the beloved one.

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:) he is in touch again

December 18, 2009 Leave a comment

Well, He had some problems when he got back home .. and anyway I am happpy that he is back to me 🙂 still so loving and sweet. I can be the happy bride to be again.

Weather is colder these days. And I decided not to continue the KG job now. One too far.. and two.. too much work. I will keep looking for job. Thank God, my sky is bright and shine again.

Today, I will send out the regsign message to the KG. I don’t know what to say yet.. gonna be difficult. .. update u later

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Why is he not in touch?

December 17, 2009 Leave a comment

So irresistable now..What can I do? Why is he not online or intouch with me? Why? Did I lose him again? God I don’t even know what to think so..

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