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Running in a circle

December 10, 2009 Leave a comment

Just like what Julie said in her movie, I never finished anything in my life. I back to the same the only one thing I got as the moment is my loving bf online.  Other than that, I have nothing.

Well, I can’t dei yet as I want to marry him. I need to survive. I need to find a temp job and survive till he appears in front of me. Today I am on  job hunt. I want something close to my home and just work temporary. Let’s see what I could find today. I am still watching Julie and Julia repeatedly. ohh why not, they inspire me. But they were not broke like me.  Update you later

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He is back

He was back online on last Sat. He said his bag, passport , phone and most important things got stolen on the Sunday before that morning. He said sorry and being sweet and loving as usual.He had the internet connected but couldn’t log in YM. He said he got my email address but he didn’t send me a mail. On that morning, I couldn’t think of he was being dishonest or what. But many questions still runing in my head.. at some points, I don’t want to thnk he is lying or anything. I keep telling myself I should learn to trust people. Well, I did.. and been cheated many times.

These few days he is still online. But his work gets him so busy. He said he is flying back to CA On Sat and work out the schedule and plan for our wedding, which is very delighted right? I don’t know.  I just pray that he is true to me and we are gonna work it out.

Beside my relationship, the job I worked for 1week last month. I still haven’t been paid yet. I emailed to the boss asked when would I be paid. 2 emails. No answer so far. I am so pissed as I need that money.

I have just watched Julie and Julia today. It is a good movie. 2 ladies got wonderful husbands,but were lost in their life. Julie was exactly like me. Never get a thing done in her life. And her husband encourage her to send a year and blog her cooking joural. And she succesed 🙂 It was wonderful. This inspired meto set a goal and try to reach it also. Beside I seem going to have a wonderful marraige. But I still need to get some money for these few months to live till my wedding day… What should I do? Where can I get the money? I know you must thinking I could ask him to get some. I thought of that . But I decided to not mention it at all now. I am afraid I may lose him by doing so. I will have to think of some other ways to make some money… which I have no idea yet. Wish me luck !

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New Job

November 19, 2009 Leave a comment

I got a job yesterday !! yeah!! Salary is low. It’s too bad. enough for my rent and living but its far from home.

Anyway, I should be grateful for what I have got so far. I have got a new job and a new man.  I feel sad only that i couldnt spend much time like before chatting with him. I really love him and happy with him. We are planning for our wedding. All I hope is it would be very soon. I can’t wait to become his wife.

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A day before last day

Well, I taught my replancement again today and she still can’t picking up things. Got me so angry as she could ask some really stupid questions whcih she should be asking. I almost smashed the laptop!!

Before I left the office, I realized that I am very tired of being a handyman there. I have been fixing things more than my proper work.  I should go for sure.. but wish I had more saving tho…

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Dumb than me

I really think teaching my replacement is a ‘killing myself’ task!! I spent another 4 hours with her yesterday, I got internal bleeding I believe. She couldn’t remember a thing I taught her last week , which was over 15 hours. I don’t not consider myself smart, but she is far way dumb than me. Talking to her is like talking to the cow… She doesn’t get you at all. I really think I should havr been paid lot more!!!

About my work, I do really have to find a new job very soon as I don’t have enough money to live onwith the 4 k I got in my wallet now :/

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