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Get slim continues….

September 26, 2010 Leave a comment

Thanks for some people being very honest to me that saying to my face in front of workmates that I AM FAT!! THAT WAS REALLY NICE OF HER!!

I weighted myself lately , I am still around 62- 61 kg. Hence, I decided to change my diet and see what would happened.

I have FULL FULL breakfast in the morning, as I need the energy for my morning class teaching.

Lunch, I have boiled brocoli with low fat salad dressing and fruit or cucumber or tunna fish with salad dressing too.

Dinner, If I need to go to school, I usually have sandwich, or some sweet corn and oatmeal … sometimes I may have a portion of macaroni with seaweed.

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Getting slim? In fact I am gaining weights…

September 23, 2010 Leave a comment

When I looked into the mirror I see myself is very big and fat. I accepted the FACT that I am FAT! And I have to lose weights. I guess I have to say bye to several things….

Bye rice and noodles, am not eating you everyday…may be once a week…

Bye sugary drinks, you make me bloat…

Bye sugary food, you make me round…

Bye Sui Mei rice, you get me too much fat…

Bye LAZY, you gain me weights…

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Get Slim…

January 17, 2010 2 comments

Current weight:  65 kg , Height: 158cm .

Since the day I have lost my job. I seem to be eating alot… non stop… and finally I realized I am growing bigger and jeans and clothes not fit. etc. 

While chatting with a friend about it…  decided to jump on the scale to weight myself. I gained 7 lbs. which is from 62 kg jumped to 65kg now. Terrible !! What have I done to myself these days!!!

Honestly, I have been eating chips, cookies, sugary drinks … rice , noodles. Those can put on weights dramatically.

So I set another goal, which is going to lose 20 lbs no matter what in 3 months by cutting sugary drinks and food. Less carbohydrate food, less meat and more vegetables.

Of course I must keep going yoga  3 – 4 times a week, at least 2 hot yoga a week.

God, pls help me

P.S. After a while I thought of joining a weight lose group on facebook and i found the following video and I watched and thought I got the ways to lose weights now.  Not encourage you to buy their books,  but to use the idea/ theory. I like what they present which are very right things to do. A healthy diet without sugar and processed food.

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