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Happy Wednesday Again

What are your  3 HAPPY THINGS ?

Mine are mm…

1. I lost 1 kg from not intake carb and remaining high protein diet. I start to feel a bit weak.. mmmm not much strength kind. I guess  I need to eat more lean meat tho.Anyway I have seen my recently picture took by workmates.. I am terribly fat in those…

2.  Got a call from Dave. He is going to take a week holiday. So I can concentrate on my assignment this weekend.

3. There are few kids in classes they really cute and I love them so much 🙂


3 Happy Things to tell on Every Wednesday

October 6, 2010 1 comment

OK… I think I like to keep it going… to try to make myself feel better in the middle of the week… especially working for the psycho boss.. OK here we go

1. I am quite Happy on Sunday I met Dave and shared good times.. He shared the story of the book he is reading  I don’t know what if he wasn’t around anymore.. who would tell me stories… You know it saves my time from reading such THICK BOOKS

2. I am ok for not intake rice or noodles for few days already. Hopefully I have lost some weights… will find out next morning

3. Weather is changing , it is fall here finally…

Wanna share your 3 happy things of the week also?

3 Happy Things of the Week

September 30, 2010 Leave a comment

I should be the one to create a happy life.

I should be the one to make my life meaningful and colourful.

Therefore, I wanna think more positive on things in my life… 3 HAPPY things of this week ..

1. My study makes me happy evening it is tough. But I enjoy being a student and searching books in the library…

2. Dave bought me 3 packs chocolates from his european trip. Nice ones yumm. And he bought me Thai dinner and I COULD order and ENJOY my FAVOURITE STEAMED FISH ON MY OWN!!!

3. I finished 7 weeks lesson plans and it was like a life long task.

YAY.. I should celebrate 🙂