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My Weight Chart:
Weight Chart

11/10/2010 weighted 60kg./ 132lbs. I didn’t eat much today. Prepared brocoli and tuna with oliver oil and vinegar for lunch. But I had a few bites only, finished the rest for dinner..

9/10/2010 weighted 60.5 kg/ 133.1 lbs

Still sticking on my high protein diet… on going …. keep going

27/9/2010 weighted  61kg still/ 134.2 lbs

After some very CULTURED ladies talked to my face that I am FAT. I decided to lose weight very seriously, well in a very serious way I should say. Referring some lose weight programmes online, I should intake around 1200- 1300 calories per day. And I am trying  not to over that … hence I can lose weight properly.

16/9/2010 weighted 61kg/ 134.2 lbs
I have been eating light and lesser than before. I don’t intake much rice or noodles. I have big full breakfast and then light lunch and dinner. Quite inspiring when I looked back I was 143 LBS a months ago.

( December 2009)

I have been gaining weights. Few months ago I was 62kg. Now… 65kg.

I need to go on diet and exercise!!!!!

My goal is Down to 56kg !!!!! starting from now

( Updates: 18 June 10)

I went to dr today they weighted me… 62.8kg still have 6 kgs to work on.

Well I tried on my wedding dress yesterday, I can really tell I have lost weight, as the chest totally shrinked…… geeeeeeeeeee

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