My Plans and To Do List

In 3 Months ( By May 2010)
1.Secure a Job and move home
2.Saved $1000emergency fund ( well, hardly made it… June 2010 btw)

In 3 months ( By December 2010)

1. Started Uni study – 2 evening s a week

2. Go yoga twice a week ( 12 yoga lessons at least)

3.Try not to take sick leave at all (Just be healthy not to get sick)

4. Finish reading 2 books

5. Buy new computer chair

6. Lose 2 kg, down to 60 kg

7. Redecorate my room, make it nicer and I be more happy to stay for another year.

8. Get good grade on my assisgments.

In One year (June 2011)

1.Be married
2.Pregnant with 1st baby
3.Started my degree study
4.Working in a school and making 13k per month
5.Get TESOL cert/ dip

6.Finished 100 lessons of Yoga

7. Move in a bigger 2 rooms apartment

8.Emergency Fund saved up to $10000

9. Finish reading 8 books

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